Roland VAD706-GE E-Drum Set

78 777,96 kr - 85 957,75 kr (inkl. frakt)

Funktioner och tekniska detaljer

Roland VAD706-GE E-Drum Set, E-Drum Set, V-Drums Acoustic Design, Full-size drum pads, Bass drum and toms with wooden shells in Ebony Gloss colour, Snare drum with stainless steel shell, New lighter and thinner cymbal design for more realistic vibration behaviour@+*Features of the Roland TD-50X drum module:*@+@+, 100 Drum kits, Prismatic sound modelling technology, Playback of WAV samples from an SD card, USB 10-channel audio output for convenient multitrack recording with just one USB cable, 14x Trigger inputs 6.3mm stereo jack inputs, 3x Digital Trigger inputs for Roland Digital Drum Pads with Multi Sensor technology, 2x XLR (balanced) main outputs, 8x 6.3 mm jack (TRS) direct outs, 3.5 mm Stereo jack headphone output, 3.5 mm Stereo jack input for connecting an MP3 or CD player, MIDI In & Out, USB MIDI interface for direct connection from Mac or PC, 6.3 mm Stereo jack input for foot switch, Metronome with ""Quiet Count"" function, 3-Band EQ and compressor for each individual pad, 3 Multi-effect processors with 30 algorithms, 2-Band multi-compressor and 4-band EQ for outputs@+*Set configuration:*@+@+, 22"" x 18"" Bass drum (KD-222), 14"" x 05"" Digital mesh head snare drum (PD-140DS), 10"" x 07"" Dual-zone tom (PDA-100), 12"" x 08” Dual-zone tom (PDA-120), 1x 14"" x 13"" Dual-zone floor tom (PDA-140F), 1x 14"" Digital Hi-Hat pad and controller (VH-14D), 2x 16"" Dual-zone crash pad including stop function (CY-16R-T), 1x 18"" Digital ride cymbal pad (CY-18DR)@+*Hardware set consisting of:*@+@+, DCS-30 Cymbal/Tom stand, DBS-30 Boom cymbal stand, PDS-20 Module stand@+*Note:* Drum pedal, snare stand, hi-hat stand and seat not included.@+@+
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