DW Satin Oil Shell Set Amber Amber
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DW Satin Oil Shell Set Amber, Drum Set, Drum Workshop Collector's series, Satin Oil series, ""Standard"" version, Colour: Amber, Nickel-plated hardware, Matt lacquered shells, 100% Maple/Maple wood with reinforcement ring for a longer more controlled decay of the shell, The VLT vertical grain design of the toms puts less tension on the shell but allows free vibration which is reflected in a deeper tunable full sound, The X-shell design of the stand tom and bass drum gives a huge, full drum sound and also a fundamental, down to earth low end which takes the bass drum sound to unimagined depths, The sound of all shells consists of a flattering warm fundamental tone and the same attack sound the DW Collector's series is famous for, The sound of maple captivates, with its soft warm balanced resonance yet clear and always controlled stick attack, Chrome hardware, STM Suspension Tom Mount (free-swinging mounting system for a vibration-free with maximum tone resonance equipped secure hanging tom), True Hoop tension hoops, True-Pitch® tension rods, All shells are assembled in the ""Timbre Matched"" process. (The specific fundamental tone of each shell is analysed. The shells are then combined to form a tonally matched set).@+*Set Configuration:*@+@+, 22"" x 18"" VLX+ bass drum, 10"" x 08"" VLT tom tom, 12"" x 09"" VLT tom tom, 16"" x 14"" X-shell stand tom
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