B&S 3017/2TR-L Bb Flugelhorn Set Black
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B&S 3017/2TR-L Bb Flugelhorn Set@+*Bundle offer comprising*, B&S 3017/2TR-L Bb Flugelhorn, Flugelhorn, 3 Rotary valves, Gold brass body, 3 B-ball joints, Trigger on third valve, Conical rotary valves, Gold brass bell Ø 160 mm, Bore: 11 mm, Mouthpiece and case (included), Made in Germany, K&M 152/40 Flugelhorn Stand, Flugelhorn StandThe 5-leg base provides guaranteed maximum stability for the instrument. The lower part can be pushed into the plastic cone saving space to be transported in the bell of the instrument.@+@+, Plastic peg with felt pads, Feet can be screwed into cones, Space-saving transport in the bell of the instrument, Weight: 0.42 kg, Height: 250 mm, Excellent quality, Colour: Black, Dr. Tillwich B411 Rotor Oil, Cylinder oil for rotary valved brass instruments, Specially developed for precision mechanics, Guarantees reliable and precise pressure, mechanism function, Lubricates pivots, bearing shafts, levers, joints and cables, Very good long- term effect, Prevents corrosion, Gumming and acid free, Cold- resistant up to -10°C, Content: 8 ml, Roadworx Mouthpiece Holder, Holder for 2 Brass Mouthpieces, For mounting on stands with a tube diameter of up to 30 mm, Rings with rubber coating, Ring diameter: 22 mm, Colour: Black, La Tromba AG Lacquer Polish, Lacquer Polish, Very high quality cleaning and paint care products, Brilliant shine through thorough cleaning and perfect surface sealing, The resulting, non-lubricating surface film protects the paint from aggressive sweat and other harmful influences, The value retention of the instrument is sustainably increased, Content: 80 ml, La Tromba AG Slide and Cork Grease 15g, Valve and Cork Grease, Insulates the slides from condensation and prevents the inner slides from corrosion and getting stuck, A relatively ""stiff"" grease with the ideal consistency for promoting optimal movement of the slides, Also commonly used as sealing lubrication of slides whose precision is not optimal, Ideal grease for maintaining and greasing the connections on woodwind instruments, The cork is protected from moisture and remains supple - and this alongside ideal lubricating properties, Colour: Reddish, Contents: 15 g, Thomann Polishing Cloth Grey, Polishing Cloth, Microfibre, Dimensions: 38 x 38 cm, Heavy-duty design, Colour: Grey
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