Zero 88 FLX Lighting Control 2048 Ch.
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Senast uppdaterad 2022-06-28
Zero 88 FLX Lighting Control 2048 Ch., Lighting Console, Integrated 7 "" multi-touch screen, 2048 channels, Standardised syntax commands and command-line interface, Color picker (CMY, RGB and HSV), Graphics can be used as a template for colour selection, Colour filter libraries of Lee, Rosco and Apollo, Light Tunes (Moodboards) from Lee Filters, Extensive device library, 4 High-resolution encoders with selection buttons, 241 Playbacks with 10,000 cues (for cue lists, submaster or chaser) 4 freely programmable UDK buttons, Automatic palette, effect, group, and macro functions, Tracking options, Fader extension ZerOS Wing via USB, Dimensions (L x W x H): 660 x 90 x 340 mm, Weight: 7.5 kg
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Hostname: dc1-fe-kelkoo-02 Version: 2.2.39