DW Satin Oil Set White Wash SSC+ White wash
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DW Satin Oil Set White Wash SSC+, Drum Shell Set, Satin Oil Series, Rock configuration in SSC+ construction, 100% Maple drum shell, Colour: White wash, Matte lacquered shells, Nickel shell hardware, The sound of maple captivates with its soft, warm, balanced resonance, yet clear and always controlled stick response, STM Suspension Tom Mount (freely suspended mount system for a vibration-free hanging tom with maximum tone resonance), True hoops, True-Pitch tension rods, All shells are selected with the ""Timbre Matching"" process. Each shell is analysed with respect to its fundamental tone and combined to form a well sounding ""tuned"" set.@+*Drum shell configuration:*@+@+, 22"" x 18"" VLX+ Bass drum, 10"" x 08"" and 12"" x 09"" tom toms, 14"" x 12"" Floor tom, 16"" x 14"" Floor tom@+*Stands / Cymbals not included*@+@+
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