DW Satin Oil Rock Set -NT-SC SSC+ Natural
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DW Satin Oil Rock Set -NT-SC SSC+, Drum Set, Satin Oil Series, Rock configuration in SSC+ construction, 100% Maple shell with reinforcement ring for a longer, more controlled sustain behaviour of the shell, Colour: Natural, Matte lacquered shells, Satin chrome shell hardware, The sound of maple is characterised by its soft, warm, balanced resonance with a clear and controlled stick response, STM Suspension Tom Mount (freely suspended mount system for a vibration-free hanging tom with maximum tone resonance), True Hoops, True-Pitch tension rods, All shells are selected with the ""Timbre Matching"" process. Each shell is analysed with respect to its fundamental tone and combined to form a well sounding ""tuned"" set.@+*Drum shell configuration:*@+@+, 22"" x 18"" VLX+ Bass drum, 10"" x 08"" and 12"" x 09"" tom toms, 14"" x 12"" Floor tom, 16"" x 14"" Floor tom@+*Stands / Cymbals not included*@+@+
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